We are committed to help people grow in their faith in Christ;
to care for the needs of those in the Lakes Region and
beyond as we make disciples and live the Word of God.


Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!
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Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!

Do you need a ride to church?
We will try to help you find a ride to church if you are unable to drive for any reason. Contact Theresa LaTulippe at 936-3287 with a 24 hr. notice and we will see if we can accommodate you. We’ll do our best!

During the past 2 months, a group of about 25 Church people have been working on a for-ward thinking Vision for the Church. At the same time, this group will attempt to vision our place in the Town of Moultonboro and the Lakes Region. On 8/27/14, the Ad Board ap-proved this pilot project in full and the group is now looking for additional people to assist with completing the vision process. The goal is to enlist a diverse group of people to build a consensus of where this church might be in the next year, 5 years, and beyond. Listed below are the present sub-committees. In addition, an oversight committee is required to bring into focus the results from each sub-committee.

Please contact one of the following leaders:
Spiritual Focus -
    Melissa Carroll  carrollsfive@yahoo.com
Outreach/Missions -
       Bev Charest   beverlycharest@yahoo.com
Facilities/Trustees -
Administrative/Financial -
Donn Bettinger    bettingerd@aol.com
Oversight Committee -

The groups will meet 1-2 times per month for a number of months. A key part of this project will be a Survey of the entire church congrega-tion. This is a Congregation led Project that hopefully will enable all of us to have a Vibrant church for years to come. Come and be part of the process.

Silent and live auctions will be held at the Moultonborough Lions Club on Saturday, November 8, 2014 beginning at 6:00 p.m. to benefit the Moultonborough United Methodist Church (MUMC). Donated items needed include gift certificates, new merchandise, handmade crafts, art work, used furniture or household items in very good condition, antiques, and any other items that are valuable enough to be included in a silent or live auction. There will not be a flea market associated with the auctions and we cannot accept used mattresses, appliances (small or large), computer or stereo equipment, exercise equipment or televisions. Church members are encouraged to be creative by donating services (e.g. cleaning time, landscaping hours, and bake goods), dinner for 2 or 4 at their home, boat rides or motorcycle rides, or any other type of exciting recreational items. Please call Kate and Mike Lancor (476-8409) or Amy Norton (986-0357) if you have items to donate. Arrangements can be made to pick up donated items. The Mission of HOPE Auctions is to: Use our God given talents to make the world a better place for others.

The October Bellringer is here.
The latest Moultonborough United Methodist Church newsletter, The Bellringer,  is now available for download.  Get your full color digital copy of the October Bellringer here.  Past issues of the Bellringer are also available. Get on our emailing list to receive your own copy of the Bellringer each month.  Fill out the form here.

A Letter from
shop Sudarshana Devadhar
September brings a new season of activity to our calendars and provides fresh opportunities to open our hearts and doors to new people and new possibilities.

As my calendar permits, I am visiting churches in our Conference for dialogue and conversation. Read his message here.

Hear the Good News!
One more reminder about the Bible Study with Joesph McBride and Jesus' Weirdest Words.
Starting Monday  Sept.  8th at 7:00 pm at MUMC and for the following 4 Monday evenings.
  No book to purchase just your own Bible.
Get a head start and study the following:
      Matthew  13:44
      Matthew  13:45-46
      Matthew  18:12-14
      Luke          15:3-7
So here are the three "Whats"  that you want to ask yourself while you are studying these Parables , 
1st,   What did He say ,
2nd   what did it mean to His audience -  what did they hear Him say?
3rd    now that they know what He said what were they suppose to do with His teaching , and what are we suppose to do with it  2,100 Hundred years later and does it even apply to us today why or why not ?
There will be no tests here............but there may be a test when you get "home" !

At last count there were 28 who have indicated they wanted to attend. If you plan on attending and have not already responded it would be appreciated.
For further info. <nickersonjr@hotmail.com>

Gift Card News
We are proud to offer two new retailers to the Gift Card Program this month. Petco and Zappos! Petco gift cards are available as $25.00 with a 7% return to church. Zappos is a web site that offers the best selection in shoes and has been in business for 9 years - $25 Gift Cards will earn the church 9% back! We hope to be adding more retailers as we start thinking ahead to the Christmas season! Thank you for all your continued support.

Learn more about our Gift Card Program here.